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Four friends, one goal, to bring you the hottest gadgets at the best price. Cheat Code Tech LLC. is your one stop shop for all things tech!

Our Story, 

Between the loss of “The Mamba” (R.I.P. Kobe), the Covid Pandemic, and the Civil unrest we faced nationwide, the start of 2020 was a rough one. Despite all the chaos, 4 friends from completely different walks of life came together with a somewhat geek-tastic idea to build on their passions… and so, Cheat Code Tech was born!  

When your crew is made up of a cool-ass Sound Engineer, a bad-ass Graphics Designer, a dope-ass Educator, and a bomb-ass Tech Addict great things are bound to happen! Luckily for you, we are using our collective dopeness to bring you the latest, most up to date, tech trends on the market! 

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