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-Multifunctional, portable, small
-Suitable for many small spaces, such as bedrooms (mattresses, pillows), kitchens (cupboards, wash basins), shoe cabinets, toilets, baby rooms, pet rooms, toilets, and more spaces you want to purify.
-Remote control timing, four-segment timing: 15 minutes / 30 minutes / 60 minutes
-Kill 99% of bacteria-Through the design of ultraviolet and ozone working together, the ultraviolet sterilization lamp has been tested in the laboratory and can kill most bacteria of about 40 square meters.
-UV disinfection / ozone disinfection

Product: Multifunctional germicidal lamp
Material: metal, quartz tube, high-quality ABS
Shell color:Black/White
Voltage: 110V(60Hz) / 220V(50Hz)
Power: 38W
Service life: ≥10000h
Function: Sterilization, disinfection, mite removal, odor removal
Application: wardrobe, shoe cabinet, toilet, restaurant, trolley, etc.

1. Note: Do not shoot directly into the eyes
2. Do not disassemble the device by yourself, otherwise it will not be covered by the warranty and may cause a safety accident.
3. Keep the product away from moisture, water, high temperature and ignition sources.
4. Keep the product away from the textile fabric (at least 10 cm) to avoid fading.

Package Included
1 x Multifunctional germicidal lamp

Weight 1.3228 lbs

110V, 200V, 220V


Black, White


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