Creality 3D® LD-002R LCD Resin 3D Printer with 119*65*160mm Print Size/ Ultra HD 2K LCD Screen/Ball-type Linear Rail


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Please refer this video to help you more :

1. How to level the LD-002R platform?

2. How to replace 2K screen (printing screen) for LD-002R machine?

3. How to replace the touch screen for LD-002R machine?

4. How to replace the motherboard for LD-002R machine?


This is upgraded version of LD-002.
Superior advantage – brand new functions like Ultra HD 2K LCD screen, ChiTuBox slicer, safe air purification system, anti-aliasing effect, stable ball-type linear rails, print volume 119*65*160mm, high resolut.


We will send EU plug standard for you. You just need an adapter to use. 
In addition, It is considered the reason of transportation,  the printer does not include the UV resin liquid printing material.

Package Included:

1 x LD-002R 3D Printer 

Weight 19.2684 lbs


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